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Citizens of Canada who wish to remain in Portugal, on holidays, for a maximum period of 12 months, under a Memorandum of Understanding signed between their country and Portugal, should fulfill the general requirements, as well as the documents referring to specific requirements necessary for the processing of a temporary stay visa.

  • Submit an invididual application;
  • Hold a valid canadian passport;
  • Be between eighteen (18) and thirty-five (35) years of age inclusive;
  • Hold a return ticket or sufficient financial resources to cover its costs; 
  • Sufficient financial resources to cover expenses for duration of the stay;
  • Adequate health insurance;
  • Additional documentation may be provided, such as: work offer; or registration in a high education or post-secondary institution; or declaration certifying intention to travel and work incidentally.

Additional conditions to be fulfilled:

  • Work is incidental to the holiday. Participants have the right to provide paid services.

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Informative leaflet (PDF format) available HERE

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